Environmental Activities

ATV Club cleans up in backwoods rally

ATV Safety

Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council
ATV Safety Institute

Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia
Your Ride Responsibility when participating in C.V.A.T.V. club rides.

You must carry proof of 3rd party liability insurance on the quad, wearing a helmet is also mandatory.Find a spot where you are comfortable in the group to ride. If you want to change your ride position, please wait until the group stops before passing. When passing other quads, do not spray gravel or rocks.It’s important that you check behind you at intersections and make sure that rider following you knows which way to turn. If you are unable to see the following rider, please wait for them. If they do not show up inform the ride leader.If you intentionally leave the group to ride on your own, you should be aware that you may forfeit any assistance that you may require from the group. Meaning we won’t go looking foryou until after our ride is finished.

Bring out any garbage, cans or bottles that you bring on the ride.

Alcohol is not permitted during club rides as per the Club By-Laws.

To be blunt,

  • If you take off on your own, mess up, and then need to be rescued, you have disrupted the group’s planned ride outing.
  • Repeat offences will require disciplinary action from the executive. e.g. exclusion from future events or, your name struck from the club’s roster.
  • Please remember that Club organized rides are for both your enjoyment and safety.

Thank you, Your Club Executive.

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