Ride Leaders

Ride Responsibly & Respect the Environment

What should Ride Event Notice consist of?

  • State day of ride
  • Where to meet
  • Time to meet, time to depart, and approx. return time
  • Give a general description of where the ride will take place
  • Good for all sxs? Or just 50” wide sxs?
  • Ride rating number
  • Extra fuel needed?

At the trail head

  • Give a description of the ride, establish rider skill level, explain the difficulties of the ride, length of time, approximate return time and explain any areas where the riders may need help
  • Assign a “Tail Gunner” for the ride and choose a channel on the FSR or GPS radios for communication
  • Inform everyone that they have to ride with their lights on
  • Riders report to the Leader if you are leaving the ride
  • Always check on the rider behind you—they are your responsibility
  • If the rider behind you does not appear in a reasonable amount of time. STOP. They may be in trouble, need assistance, have a flat tire, run out of fuel, etc. You need to go back and find where the rider behind you has stopped to see if they need assistance.  The rider in front of you will stop as will everyone all the way to the leader so the problem can be dealt with
  • Navigation
    • For up to 10 to 15 riders
      • AT INTERSECTIONS confirm the rider behind you sees which direction to go.  The approaching rider from behind you can wave indicating that the direction has been seen.
    • For larger groups Use “Centre Loop Riding”
      • AT INTERSECTIONS the ride leader assigns the person behind him to direct traffic at an intersection. That rider then slides in front of the trail gunner at the end of the pack
    • Remind people that they should not attempt anything that they are not comfortable with. Someone will assist you through or over a difficult part of the trail.  Assistance from your fellow riders is better than an ambulance ride.
    • Count the number of riders so that you make sure to return with the same number.

Other points to consider

  • The group is only as fast as the slowest rider.
  • Plan stops and check that no one has a problem.

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