Mosaic Land Agreement

Mosaic licence agreement with CVATV

Mosaic Waiver

Everyone will have to sign the Mosaic Waiver form.  Please download, print, sign and bring it to the session we have planned to pick up your Decals

Mosaic Waiver

Mosaic Agreement Highlights

* Riders and guests to wear seat belts if ATV came equipped
* All ATV operators under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible supervising adult of at least 19 years of age having a valid driver’s licence or appropriate training.
* Riders must wear a safety-certified helmet and proper protective gear including appropriate footwear and high visibility garments meeting a minimum standard of the Workers Compensation Board: PPE 2 high visibility garment – Personal protective equipment standard 2.
* Use lights for low-visibility conditions.
* Travel within posted speed limits.
* Permitted Hours – One hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays occurring on Mondays and Fridays
* Online safety Course must be completed – Prior to Access – CVATV to receive a copy.
* Remember to complete your ride check out at the end of your ride
* No Fires permitted on Mosaic land

NOTE:  It may take awhile to get your Decal and fob so apply early


Fill out the Form below to get a Decal.

Gather the follwing info before filling out the form.

  1.  Membership Number 
  2.   License plate numbers for both the tow vehicle and all ORVs
  3.   Expiry date for your ORV registration
  4.   Make, Model and colour of your Tow vehicle

Decal Application

To get a Decal you must have:

  1. Proof you finished the online safety course
  2. Have a signed copy of the Mosaic Waiver
  3. have  gone online at to apply for the ATVBC Waiver
  4. Proof that you have $2 m liability on your Tow vehicle and $1 m on your ORV
  5. Mail this info to

Fill out the Form below if you want a fob

Access Card Application

Fill out the form below before riding on Mosaic Lands

Daily Ride Check in

Fill out the form below once the ride is over

Daily Ride Check out


Questions about Mosaic Land Access should be directed to: